Why You Should Follow Jackie Chan on Facebook

Some celebrity Facebook pages are fan-made; others are run by their managers or agents. But international martial arts choreographer, director and actor Jackie Chan is one of the celebrities who frequently updates his Facebook page himself (though every once in a while one of his people will take over).

Sometimes he’ll advertise for a movie of his or a special event he’s hosting, but most of the time, Jackie likes to upload photos taken over the span of his career — and his personal captions are nothing short of hilarious.

As if you need another reason to follow this legendary renaissance man — not only is Jackie a trained martial artist and actor, he also directs, produces and writes his own movies — here are a few of our favorite photos with captions he’s posted:


“Call me maybe.”




“When I read I put on my thinking cap!”


“I have always had a great sense of style!”


“My younger years. No more mesh shirts for me!!”