21 Questions With Chuti Tiu

Story by Jeline Abutin.

Most known for her roles in The Internship and Rampart, Chuti Tiu is back with her very own screenplay Pretty Rosebudsread more about it here! Get to know the talented Tiu with these 21 Questions:


1. Favorite form of exercise: Pilates.
2. Least favorite mode of transportation: Car — I’m so stressed out with traffic!
3. Recent song I’m obsessed with: “Let It Go.” I’m so obsessed. I wake up with it! I’m singing it constantly!
4. TV show I can’t get enough of: House of Cards.
5. Go to food: Pho.
6. Most used social media site: Facebook.
7. Greatest fear: Being laughed at in a derisive way.
8. One thing you might not know about me: I absolutely adore cats, I think I’m becoming one.
9. Favorite drink: Super, super dirty vodka martini with extra olives.
10. Least favorite food: Liver.

11. Habit I need to break: Pursing my lips
12. Guilty Pleasure I’m not so guilty about: Super duper dark chocolate. 70% dark chocolate, anything more than that I don’t like.
13. Favorite clothing store: H&M and Forever 21.
14. Go to pair of shoes: Comfort: Sketchers slip-ons with fur on the edge. Had them for over 5 years. Fashion: Pair of simple silver high heeled sandals from Aldo. They go with everything
15. Hidden talent: Classical Pianist. I also have perfect pitch!
16. Must have this summer: Sunblock. I use SPF 50, cannot leave home without it.
17. Favorite part of my culture/heritage: The food! There’s so much I love about it, but I have to say the food.
18. Always makes me laugh: My husband.
19. Last thing I ate: Kale Chips that I made!
20. My job in another life: Dolphin trainer, veterinarian, something with animals.
21. Asian American Actor/Actress I admire: Lucy Liu for her career, her talent, her attitude and flexibility. She produces things that aren’t typical.