About Character Media

Formerly known as “Kore Asian Media,” “Character Media” reports on the latest in Asian American culture, entertainment and news. In early 2019, we changed our name to “Character Media” to better reflect the entire Asian diaspora. “Characters” are people in movies, films and books. “Character” is a symbol in an Asian language. And “character” is the quality that makes each human unique. We are “Character Media.”

The Asian American community is diverse and creative. “Character Media” celebrates, curates and analyzes this rich trove of stories. Our videos and articles engage viewers with influencers who are making a difference. Our events, such as the star-studded Unforgettable Gala and Pro-Am golf tournament, highlight and empower the various characters that compose our growing community.

Now supported by parent company Imperial Family Companies, “Character Media” traces its roots back to 1990, when publisher James Ryu launched a print operation that grew into two publications: the award-winning “KoreAm Journal” and “Audrey Magazine.”