5 Asian American Fitness Influencers To Inspire Your Workout

Summer is only a few weeks away, and we know, it’s all too tempting to stay in and binge that new Netflix show. But whether you’re trying for a “beach body,” or just want to incorporate something new into your daily routine, here are five Asian American influencers who will inspire your workout with their dedication and hilarious honesty about the realities of gym life:

1.Blogilates (Cassey Ho)

Ho has earned over 4 million subscribers with her easily accessible workout videos. Her friendly voice and cheerful demeanor guide viewers through even the most grueling workouts. Whether you’re looking to tone your glutes or get a more muscular back, the Blogilates channel features hundreds of how-to vids of low-impact exercises, for anybody with a yoga mat (come on—we know you have one hiding in the back of your closet).

2. Gokuflex (Matt Kido)

Fitness coach Matt Kido’s YouTube channel features your standard exercise videos, as well as uplifting before-and-after videos of his “Saiyan Army” customers. Obviously, Kido is also a major anime fan, and he regularly uploads videos of his cosplays and anime discussions he has with his friends.

3. Barbell Brigade (Bart Kwan)

As the co-owner and operator of the Los Angeles-based Barbell Brigade, Kwan lives by his gym’s motto: Dominate humbly. On Instagram Kwan posts plenty of shirtless post-workout pics to motivate his followers to pick up some weights, and his comedic YouTube videos get real about scams in the fitness industry and the importance of knowing your personal limits while still setting PRs.

4. Lift Like Tiff (Tiffany Nguyen)

Don’t let her petite frame fool you—Nguyen is capable of squatting numbers the rest of us mortals can only dream of. Her videos detail her gym “fails” as well as her triumphs and other aspects of her life as a lifter, from what she keeps in her gym bag to her combination of pre-workout goodies. Her Instagram also includes a collection of healthy, easy-to-follow recipes for those tired of eating plain chicken breast.

5. Born To Sweat (Beverley Cheng)

Though she’s got 6-pack abs you could grate cheese with, Cheng proves you don’t have to give up all of your favorite foods to get fit (looking at you, keto diet). Her videos explain how she stays in shape while still drinking alcohol and eating traditional Asian food, which isn’t exactly known for its health benefits.