5 Romantic Comedy Remakes to Cast Dave Bautista In

The internet is up in arms once again, but this time for a worthy cause. “Knock at the Cabin” star Dave Bautista admitted during the film’s press tour that the romantic comedy is one movie genre that has been eluding him in his crusade to diversify his acting reel. “I’m a little discouraged at this point,” he shared on “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” “But I’ve been trying to get one for years and I always ask myself, ‘What is it about me that no one can see me in this space?’” 

Nothing. Nothing is wrong with you, Dave. The wrestler-turned-actor has proven he has the acting chops for dramatic and comedic roles, so it’s only fair that he gets the opportunity to show off his romantic side as well. Fans have attested to this as they’ve pitched their own ideas for a Bautista-led romantic comedy ripe with the Hollywood tried and true tropes. And who are we to deny ourselves of the fun? Here are five rom-coms we would love to see Bautista take on, whether in a textbook Hollywood remake or something inspired by all the tropes the genre is known for. 

1. The Bounty Hunter

If jumping straight into a non-action role is too much of a disconnect for audiences to bear, there is a reason why action rom-coms were invented. Other action stars like Tom Cruise, Gerard Butler and Tom Hardy have already tried their hand at it so who’s to stop Bautista from starring in a remake of “The Bounty Hunter.” Charged with the sexual tension of having to hunt down your ex who has stumbled herself into trouble, this enemies-to-lovers adventure is bound to spark chemistry for a fun romp. 

2. The Parent Trap 

DILFs never go out of style, especially in the romantic comedy genre, so 1998’s “The Parent Trap” is our first pick to start this new era of Bautista. Audiences may have already seen Bautista play opposite to a child in “My Spy,” therefore, it’s not too far off to finally give a child (or two) to look after as he rediscovers his love for his ex-wife. Of course, with the help of his scheming twin daughters who were separated at infancy.

3. Sleepless in Seattle 

No hate to those whose immediate Nora Ephron choice is “When Harry Met Sally…,” but there’s a role much closer to this author’s heart. “Sleepless in Seattle”’s Sam Baldwin is a much more challenging role for an actor who must balance the emotional weight of being a recent widower with the subtle humor of the romance’s situation. As Bautista is a man in touch with his own emotions, it’s not far off to imagine him as a single father willing to share his tragedy with millions of listeners across the country. Women love a vulnerable man.

4. The Holiday 

What is a romantic comedy list if it doesn’t include at least one Christmas/Holiday Season-adjacent film? “The Holiday” from rom-com auteur Nancy Meyers might just be what Bautista needs in order to break into the genre. He could so easily fit into the “unconventional romantic lead” role of Jack Black’s Miles Dumont. He’s just as adorable and lovable as he wants to be and someone that people can be friends with first and lovers over time. 

5. 96

The final entry on this list is not a rom-com per se, but a romantic role we personally would like to see Bautista tackle. “96” is a Tamil-language drama following childhood lovers who meet once again at their high school reunion and reminisce about their former relationship and where it went wrong. Bautista’s softer moments in his previous roles can attest to his dramatic chops and can translate well into the role of “96”’s Ram, the soft-spoken man who has never moved on from his first love.