7 Room Decor Ideas Based on Japanese Minimalism


Being a recent post graduate myself, I know that moving out is one of the hardest processes. And arguably more harder than moving out is moving back home or into your new space. Who isn’t intimidated by an empty room and a bunch of cardboard boxes? While having so many possibilities can make you feel overwhelmed, this can also be a good thing because starting over allows you to decorate your space however you like.

In Japan, minimalism is a popular design route that can be found in many homes. With a simple, clean aesthetic, Japanese designs provide a tranquility to a home that can be quite refreshing for such a bustling, high-tech country.  Therefore, if you’re looking to have a clean slate and a beautiful new home, here are some Japanese minimalist designs to inspire you.




Photo via matome.naver.jp
Photo via matome.naver.jp

In Japanese minimalism, it is common to see a bed with no bed frame. Without all the bulk and distraction of a large bed frame, the simplicity of just a mattress with a headrest gives the room a very refined elegance. Also, taking out the added height of the bed frame gives the illusion of a higher ceiling, which in turn makes the room feel more spacious.




Photo Via home
Photo Via home

Having a large wall mirror can be beautiful, but also overdone. Instead, try opting to place the large mirror on the wall, and rest it against the floor at a slight tilt. This puts an interesting, fresh spin on wall mirrors and helps give the room a more relaxed and deconstructed feeling. A large mirror wall also helps give the illusion of a larger space, so this would be ideal in small living quarters.




Photo via decorandocomclasse.com
Photo via decorandocomclasse.com

Not only does an open shelf plan make finding household items easier, it serves a duel purpose. While acting as cabinetry, it also can be a quirky decorative addition to the minimal design of the rest of the house. It can also provide a nice color contrast depending on the neutral scheme of the set up.




jap room- bed 2

In many Japanese minimalist homes, you will find that natural, raw wood is used as the foundation for most of the furniture. Instead of giving the wood a good prime and finish, the wood is enjoyed in its natural state, as it compliments the white walls and provides a harmonious feeling of relaxation and zen.




utility light
Photo via Home-designing.com

Recessed lighting fits the overall theme of minimalism because it provides a very rustic decor. With both the wire and bulb showing, there is a naturalness to the theme that adds to the simplicity of the room. It contrasts the wood fixtures and provides a lower lighting glow that adds to the ambiance of tranquility. Coming home and seeing a dim glowing room, can put your mind at ease after a long day.




jap room pop of color
Photo via matome.naver.jp

White walls as a base color for the entire room helps each part of the room stand out further. A white wall offers a clean aesthetic while still highlighting and complimenting other colors or bold fixtures in the room. By having white as a base, adding little pops of color here and there makes all the difference.




jap room curtain
Photo via matome.naver.jp

Curtains are a quick and easy design to implement in a room because it is light and doesn’t take away from the entire room. If you are looking for more privacy or division of space, this is a perfect alternative. Depending on the design you choose for a curtain, it can really enhance the decor of the room.



Featured Image Courtesy of pinterest.com