8 recipes to fix your kimchi cravings

Discover delicious new ways to eat your kimchi. 

1. These kimchi-covered hot dogs

(Hip Foodie mom)
(Hip Foodie Mom)

No need for ketchup here! Korean kimchi, mustard, and radish is enough flavor for this hot dog recipe from Alice of Hip Foodie Mom. 

2. This kimchi-inspired pie

(Destination Delish)
(Destination Delish)

Krista of Destination Delish does pizza a favor, and introduces it to kimchi for this pizza recipe. Also joining the party are bacon and corn, bringing green onion and cilantro as their plus-ones. This is pizza party you don’t want to miss!

3. This “Kimcheesed” classic


Can Kimchi and cheese go together? Karen from HonestlyYum thinks so, and oh, is she right for this grilled cheese recipe.

4. These kimchi-filled tortillas

Platings and Pairings)
(Platings and Pairings)

Bulgogi? Check. Kimchi? Check. Creamy chili garlic aioli? Check. You’re ready for this flavor explosion from Erin of Platings and Pairings. Follow her taco recipe here.

5. These kimchi’d spuds

Feeding the Fiya)
(Feeding the Fiya)

Potato salad is good. Kimchi potato salad? Much, much better. This potato salad recipe from Fiya of Feeding the Fiya takes the best from both worlds, and creates a seamlessly great dish.

6. This kimchi risotto

(No Recipes)
(No Recipes)

A natural meeting of kimchi and rice, this risotto dish from Marc of No Recipes is a mix of class and flavor. Its beautiful color is matched only by its complex taste.

7. This kimchi meatloaf melt

(Lady & Pups)
(Lady & Pups)

Mandy from Lady & Pups creates a beast with this meatloaf melt recipe. Packed with meat, cheese, and of course kimchi, this melt will have you roaring to take a bite.

8. These kimchi-smothered bow ties

(Miss Hangrypants)
(Miss Hangrypants)

These bow ties pastas are dressing up for the occasion. What are they wearing? Kimchi, made by Mabel of Miss Hangrypants. Follow Mabel’s pasta recipe here.

Have any kimchi recipes of your own?