Jameela Jamil Will Host TBS’ New Miserable Game Show

Misery loves company and…Jameela Jamil?

“The Good Place” star, best known for portraying the narcissistic but well-meaning Tahani in the popular NBC comedy, is on board to host TBS’ new game show “The Misery Index.”

The gig may be a perfect fit for Jamil, who before acting was a TV and radio host in the U.K.

The show received an order for 10 half-hour episodes in October. Drawing its inspiration from the card game Sh*t Happens, it will feature two teams “competing against each other by attempting to determine the ranking of hilarious and miserable real-life events — from getting fired to accidentally sexting your grandfather — on a scale of 1-100,” according to Deadline.

“As someone whose life is just a series of mortifying incidents strung together, it’s going to be brilliant to take a break from my own mishaps, and feast in the disasters of others,” Jamil told Deadline. “I cannot wait for the misery to commence. This show is brilliantly ridiculous.”