Pre-Glow Up Awkwafina to Be Focus of New Comedy Central Series

After a banner year in films, there seems to be no stopping Awkwafina. The breakout actress, comedian, and cult-favorite rapper is now getting her own series named — drumroll — “Awkwafina.”

Though she first dipped her toes into the entertainment world through her self-confident, vagina-obsessed rap persona Awkwafina, the actress was recently launched to superstar status through her roles in “Ocean’s 8” and “Crazy Rich Asians.” Now, the entertainer will be producing and starring in her own scripted Comedy Central show. Though there isn’t a set release date yet, the network has ordered 10 episodes of the series.

The half-hour long episode series is inspired by Awkwafina’s own experiences growing up as a young, 20-something living at home in Queens, New York, with her father, set to be played by BD Wong, and Lori Tan Chinn of “Orange is the New Black” as her grandmother. Bowen Yang, of “The Outs’” is to play her more conventionally successful cousin. The show is meant to cover the two worlds of Awkwafina: the successful actress of today and the rapping dreamer of yesteryear.

“I’ve been watching Comedy Central since I was old enough to hold a remote, and so many of their shows have defined who I am today,” Awkwafina said in a statement. “I am so honored to be given their platform to tell the story of an Asian-American girl against the backdrop of the city I was raised.”

As for future projects, Awakfina doesn’t seem to be letting off the gas anytime soon. She’s also starring in “The Farewell” and “Paradise Hills,” both scheduled to premiere at Sundance 2019.