Celebrate Summer Days With Ella Jay Basco and Her New Single, ‘Bubble Tea’

There’s nothing quite like summer. Lazy days filled with hanging out with friends, going to pool parties and of course, avoiding any responsibility that may come your way. And “Birds of Prey” actress Ella Jay Basco has the perfect song for the warmer months coming up. 

Bubble Tea” is an upbeat and poppy summer jam, and the music video, released today, April 29, fully embraces Basco’s youthful energy. The song celebrates the easygoing nature of teenagers, as Basco sings about spending her time driving to the beach and thrift shopping with her friends. “Bubble Tea”’s music video, directed by Filipino director and photographer Bianca Catbagan and filmed by a primarily Asian and female team, is filled with playful scenes of Basco and her friends partaking in typical summer activities—spending time at the pool, taking road trips and, true to the song’s title, drinking plenty of milk tea.

Basco hopes that younger generations of AAPIs can relate to the song’s lyrics and enjoy their youth in the aftermath of an especially tense time in the Asian American community. “Growing up, I’ve always loved singing summer anthems from Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and have so many great memories attached to these songs,” Basco said in a press statement. “As someone who is proud of their Asian heritage, I wanted to find something that spoke directly to me and my peers, but couldn’t find it anywhere so instead I wrote ‘Bubble Tea.’ I hope other Asian kids hear this song and join me in celebrating our joy.”

So, if you’re looking for an energetic track to add to your poolside playlist, or if you just want to relive the stress-free days of youth, check out “Bubble Tea” below!