Character Concerts: Lovi Poe Returns to Her First Love

Lovi Poe’s life revolves around music. She starts her day with music, ends her day with music and practically breathes music, so it’s only natural that after years of establishing herself as an actress, she returns to her first love and to pursue a music career.

Born and raised in the Philippines to the “King of Phillippine Movies,” Fernando Poe Jr, Poe had spent over 10 years acting in various Philippine dramas and films, cultivating a love for the art form, but after being introduced to Grammy award-winning producers Bob Robinson and Ømen while on vacation, she had the opportunity to make her US debut. 

“I started music since I was a kid. I always loved singing and singing has always been my first love” Poe recalled. “You know what they say, first love never dies and I think this goes for me as well.” Her first dream was even to be a singer and while acting had treated her well, there’s nothing like following something you’ve always wanted. 

As a songwriter, Poe gets inspiration from different life experiences, whether they’re her own or someone else’s, she finds that there’s a story to tell. “Basically writing songs [pulls from] something that I’ve been through in the past,” she revealed with a chuckle. “And for some reason, writing happy songs even when I’m happy is a tough thing to do but I always end up writing something sad.” 

Her first single, “Under,” reflects that moody feel with its catchy beat and haunting synths that are driven by Poe’s breathy vocals. As a debut, it’s a familiar sound that leaves fans and new listeners hooked for Poe’s latest release, “Lost.” A pop-ballad that has Poe looking back at a past relationship for where things went wrong. 

Poe hopes to impress her millions of fans around the world with a variety of different emotions encapsulated in her upcoming EP from heartbreak to party-loving. 

Watch Lovi Poe’s full performances and interview above!