Character Conversations: Jamie Chung and Shannon Lee Talk Bruce and the Big Screen

What do “Lovecraft Country” and “Warrior” have in common? Strong Asian American women, for one thing.

In the first edition of our revamped Character Conversations series (formerly Kore Conversations), actress Jamie Chung sat down virtually with Shannon Lee, CEO and owner of the Bruce Lee Family Company. Chung is known for her previous roles in the 2011 film “Sucker Punch” and as Mulan in ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” series, and can be seen most recently in HBO’s breakout supernatural hit, “Lovecraft Country.” Meanwhile, Lee executive produces the Cinemax series “Warrior.” Based on an original treatment from Bruce himself, the show debuted its second season on Oct. 2.

The two first connected over their respective relationships to Bruce Lee, and shared their individual experiences in telling Asian American stories. We might be enjoying an era where Asian American representation is taking off like never before, but Chung and Lee both lived and worked through the times when tokenism prevailed. “It takes courage to say ‘No’ and to stand up for yourself,” Lee noted.

The pair went on to bond over their backgrounds in martial arts, discussing their current projects and dishing on what comes next in their careers. Watch the full conversation above, and view their individual segments here!