Cold Noodles For Hot Days

My wedding is in three weeks (holy moly!) and I am on a strict no white rice, no noodles diet. I just started this madness about five days ago and it has been torture. Especially the noodles part. (Brown rice is bearable.) I live for my pho, ramen and especially in the summertime, my Korean cold noodles.

Pulitzer prize-winning food writer Jonathan Gold gives his recommendations for places to get cold noodles in LA. He writes:

“I can’t help feeling that the most effective cold noodles of all come from Korea, a country whose winters are as brutal as its summers are hot. July and August see enormous lines, endless waiting lists and jet-speed service at Koreatown’s cold-noodle specialists in Koreatown. The second most refreshing dish in the neighborhood may be the handmade kong gook soo, noodles in cold soy milk, at Ma Dang Gook Soo, a dish whose elusive, chilled sweetness is as restorative as vanilla ice cream or a dry martini, a bowl of noodles with the ability to lower your core temperature more effectively than anything this side of an ice bath.”


I myself love naengmyeon but my favorite cold noodle dish is the dong chi mi gook soo (cold noodle soup) at Corner Place in Los Angeles’ Koreatown. So refreshing and addicting. And the jalepenos add just a hint of spice.

Do you have any cold noodle recommendations or recipes to share? Please, go ahead and torture me!

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