This Cartoonist Shows the Reality of Being An Asian Daughter… And Single


If you know how it feels to be an Asian daughter (or more specifically, an Asian daughter who’s single), then Connie Sun gets you.

Taiwanese American cartoonist Connie Sun has trademarked the “single girl, Asian daughter” thing, contributes to McSweeney’s and has prints you can buy. Basically, she’s yet another person to add to the “we could be best friends if we knew each other in real life” list. Want some proof?

Here’s her take on being an introvert:


Being part of an Asian family that loves eating:

Asian parent standards on dating:

Universe tetris:




On your parents comparing you with their friends’ children:

On being blonde:

And on being broken:

Kind of awesome, no? She has mastered the kind of humor that keeps things light, while still talking about things that are relevant and dig a little deeper. Needless to say, her work certainly resonates.

You can find her on Twitter and and GoComics as well.