Dev Patel Set to Star in Upcoming Projects ‘Wicker’ and ‘Rabbit Trap,’ and Make his Directorial Debut with ‘Monkey Man’

If you’re curious about what Dev Patel’s been up to lately, he’s been capital-W working. The actor, who most recently starred in Wes Anderson’s “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar,” will be leading two upcoming films, “Wicker” and “Rabbit Trap,” both of which will be in the horror genre. 

Patel has also been hard at work on his Netflix-bought film, “Monkey Man,” which he co-wrote, directed, produced and stars in as the lead character, The Kid. Little is known about the film besides the logline, which goes: “The Kid emerges from prison to take on a world enmeshed in corporate greed and eroding spiritual values.” Reportedly, the film’s release has been delayed twice. Hopefully the actor’s directorial debut release date will be set in stone soon, but for now, let’s take a look at what else is to come. 

Per the official synopsis, Black Bear’s “Wicker” is an unsettling romance story about a socially rejected fisherwoman (Olivia Colman) living in a small seaside village. The prospects of finding love are low considering her poor reputation, so she decides to think outside the box and manifest a lover from beyond the village. She commissions a husband to be made of, you guessed it, wicker. Their romance sparks an uproar in the town and chaos ensues. Filming is set to commence next year.

As for SpectreVision and Bankside Films’ “Rabbit Trap,” which recently wrapped filming, Patel and Rosy McEwen (“Blue Jean”) will lead the film as married musicians, Darcy and Daphne Davenport. After relocating from London to Wales to concentrate on their new record, the two  accidentally capture a field recording of a mystical, never-heard-before sound. Following this incident, a young girl (Jade Croot) enters the couple’s lives and guides them towards a descent into a spiritual realm. 

Phew, we think that covers it. With two of the films in post, and one yet to start filming, fans will have to be patient for Patel to grace their screens. But when he does, best believe he’ll make the long wait worth it!