Disney+ Original “Chang Can Dunk”’s Trailer Promises Laughs, as well as Perseverance

All those who know what an alley-oop is, now is your time, (for those who don’t, that’s ok too). Either way,  gear up for some high-stakes basketball. Written and directed by newcomer Jingyi Shao and headed by producers Pamela Thur, Lena Waithe, Rishi Rajani, and Brad Weston, the Disney+ Original comedy “Chang Can Dunk” trailer was released today. 

The film follows marching band member Chang (Bloom Li), an Asian American high school student who strikes up a bet with the school’s star basketball player that he’ll be able to dunk by Homecoming. To achieve this great feat, Chang enlists the help of an electronic store worker by day, basketball coach by night, DeAndre (Dexter Darden). It’s not all fun and games though, as Chang will find out that impressing his crush, Kristy (Zoe Renee), and gaining the respect of his peers won’t just take a basketball dunk, he’ll also have to look inward.

As Shao’s feature film debut, and he describes it as a “love letter to basketball,” the sport that helped him better understand his family, friends, and the collective immigrant experience.

“Chang Can Dunk” streams March 10 on Disney+, but to tide you over, check out the trailer below!