Editor’s Pick of the Week: Vans x Kenzo Fall ’13 Collaboration



As someone who is always on the go, when it comes to my wardrobe, I have an affinity towards things that are comfortable, but still makes a loud statement. No matter what, I try to at least incorporate one thing wacky little statement piece into my outfit every single day. With the summer season ending soon and having to part with wearing shorts and tanks all summer, I’m actually pretty excited with putting together my fall wardrobe as the weather gets cooler.

And of course, along comes my dream shoes for the fall – enter the latest designs from the Vans x Kenzo Fall ’13 design collaboration. Now, I haven’t worn a pair of Vans since my tween days, but I think it’s about time I start wearing them again.

I’ve fallen quite hard for the “Day Clouds” design – in both versions of course. I’m already imagining how I’m going to rock these kicks for the rest of the year with every outfit, ha!

You can get them now here, starting at $125.