eSports: NuckleDu Wins Capcom Cup

Du “Nuckledu” Dang won the 2016 Capcom Cup over the weekend, besting fellow American Ricki Ortiz, to become the tournament’s first American champion.

Although Japanese players have taken the Cup for the last three years, it was two Americans that we saw duking it out in the grand finals, another first for the tournament. Dang won 3-1 against Ortiz, taking home more than $200,000 in winnings and the Capcom Cup, which he will need to defend next year.

The annual eSports tournament is part of the Capcom Pro Tour, which features thousands of players worldwide vying for a spot to compete for the Cup. This year was the first to feature Street Fighter V, Capcom’s most popular fighting game.

Many fan favorites were knocked out early in the tournament. Seonwoo “RZR/Infiltration” Lee of Korea and Daigo Umehara of Japan didn’t even make it past their first rounds.

The rest of the top were made up of Japanese players, including Ryota “Kazunoko” Inoue, who was last year’s champion. Kazunoko finished third. Tatsuya Haitani finished fourth, and Keita “Fuudo” Ai finished fifth.

For coverage of the event and replays of the fights, check out Capcom Pro Tours video page or the Capcom video channel.