Filipino YouTube Stars Unite in Song for Typhoon Awareness

Flashback to the first week of November when you first turned on your television and found out about the devastating typhoon that was set to hit the Philippines. Days after Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda struck the Philippines and destroyed everything in its path, news stations worldwide continued to broadcast the aftermath. As the end of December quickly approaches, you may not see Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda on every news channel anymore, but that does not mean the problems have gone away. Those who have survived the typhoon must now go through the struggle of finding food, fresh water and their loved ones who are still missing. Many people all over the world have made donations to the Philippines, but the help must not stop.


In an effort to continue raising awareness about the conditions of the Philippines, various YouTube famous stars all over the world have come together in order to create a very special viral video to the song The Prayer. It is no surprise that many Filipino singers have become popular by showcasing their talents on YouTube. From former American Idol contestants Marvine Calderon Jr and Jett Hermano to the Philippines’ latest viral sensation, Joyce Jimenez, an eleven year old blind girl who is widely known for her rendition of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball, the video is filled with a great amount of talent.

The video was created by the viral company GRNMNGO and was conceptualized, arranged, and edited by Derek Wanner. A full list of artists along with their YouTube channels can be found below.

Aldrich Lloyd Talonding (Philippines)

Ashley & Amanda (Canada)

Bryson Andres (Alaska)

Cezka Mariz (Australia)

Jett Hermano (USA)

Joyce Jimenez (Philippines)

Marielle ‘Yele’ Castro (Dubai)

Mark ‘Kram’ Agpas (Austria)

Marvin Calderon Jr (USA)

Mica Javier (Philippines)

Ryan Narciso (Canada)

Zendee ‘the Random Girl’ Tenerefe (Philippines)