Guitar Prodigy Hits Milestone


The Korean guitar prodigy made famous on YouTube hit the 100 million mark on Tuesday. That means video clips of the 14-year-old Jung Sung-ha skillfully plucking his guitar to such tunes as Extreme’s “More Than Words” or U2’s “With or Without You” have been viewed a total of 100 million times on YouTube, Yonghap News reported.

The “fingerstyle” guitarist has posted a total of 240 videos of himself playing since September of 2006. Thanks to his internet exposure, he has emerged as quite the celebrity and held his first solo concert last February in Seoul. He has also been invited to play at various music festivals around the world, Yonghap News said.

It is estimated that Jung’s clips have attracted 80,000 views per day over the past 42 months. Now if only iamkoream could achieve that many daily visits! What would it take? Korean American child prodigy video clips? Gochu Part 2? A Hyundai giveaway?