How to Say Goodbye to the PMS Monster

by JAMES S. KIM | @james_s_kim

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) is a terrifying monster that attacks every month and leaves a path of destruction and hormones in its wake. Or so they say.

“They” being K-pop singer Lizzy (After School, Orange Caramel) and comedian/singer Park Myung-soo, who collaborated with producer Duble Sidekick for this single. The song, titled “Goodbye PMS,” carries an uplifting tune dedicated to the women who are stricken with PMS monthly—as well as the men who are caught in the blast radius.

Park Myung-soo plays the monster that embodies PMS (fitting, since his initials spell it out) and attacks poor Lizzy during her time of the month. His tactics are the worst possible, as they cause acne breakouts, food cravings, headaches, cramps, emotional sensitivity and irritability cranked to the highest setting.

With a little help from her medications, Lizzy finally says enough is enough and fights the PMS monster: “This is all your fault, PMS. I wont be fooled anymore, don’t come back!” At least until the next month.

PMS 3Park Myung-soo as the PMS monster.