I Can See Your Halo? (Ft. Kim Jong Il)

The North Korean news agency reported that a giant halo was seen hovering over Mt. Paektu on Wednesday which just so happened to coincide with the leader’s 69th birthday. According to North Korean history books, Mt. Paektu is where Kim Jong Il was born, and is revered as such. (Historians outside of North Korea believe he was most likely to be born in the Soviet Union though.)

“The bright sun rose up, throwing its brilliant rays and the area of the Paektusan Secret Camp turned into a fascinating picturesque of spring. Then rarely big and bright halo persisted in the sky above Jong Il Peak for an hour, starting at 09:30,” said the news agency.

However, there doesn’t seem to be any pictures to go along with the news agency’s story of this amazing celestial phenomenon. They really need to step up their game I think. How can they witness such an amazing event and not take pictures? And they call themselves a news agency?

Sadly North Korea, I can’t see your halo… halo halo.