Indie Artist Tim Atlas Brings Synthy Dreaminess in New EP

Oakland-born now Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and producer Tim Atlas releases his latest EP, “Le Soir,” which, according to the artist himself, is only “part one of a larger body of work” that he will release in the near future.

Teasing listeners with what was to come on his next EP, the Filipino indie-alternative artist released the catchy and electric single “Knockin,” which Atlas describes as “Pharrell meets Gorillaz meets Tame Impala.” “Le Soir,” which translates to ‘at night’ in French, takes a different approach from Atlas’s downtempo R&B and neo-soul roots and leans more into a raw, industrial R&B bedroom pop feel. Songs off his latest EP also include the synthy “Sushi in Wyoming,” “Attractive,” and “SeeThru.”

To go along with the release of his newest EP, Atlas is slated to go on tour around the U.S. to promote the EP’s release and play some fan favorites like “Compromised” and “Tangerine.”

Blending sultry serenades and grungy experimental tunes, Atlas is bringing something new to the table with his latest project. Be sure to listen to “Le Soir” on all listening platforms and catch Atlas live when he kicks off his tour in September!