It Exists: A Portable Photo Studio For Restaurant Instagramming


So, those people who stop their tablemates from digging into their meals because—”Hey, wait, let me just get one Instagram first.” (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.) Well, they’re potentially about to get even worse.

It appears there lies in existence a portable photo studio that lets food-photography enthusiasts take studio-quality snapshots right there in the restaurant. No more dealing with bad lighting, wiping away the table crumbs and making your dinner partner move his head because it’s casting a shadow on your mashed potatoes.

The creation of South African internet provider MWEB, the device is called #dinnercam and is set up at a restaurant called El Burro. Diners can place their dish inside, adjust the lighting options and style the dish for a shot that will make their social media buddies drool in envy.

No word on whether #dinnercam will be heading to the States, but if it does, I know more than a few friends who I wouldn’t see for the rest of the meal.

Here’s a video about #dinnercam.