Jam Along With Amazon Music and Asian American Girl Club This May

Struggling to find a good playlist for your next hangout? Worry not—we’ve got you covered. 

For the second year in a row, Asian American Girl Club and Amazon Music have teamed up for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month to provide listeners with a highly curated selection of the best and brightest Asian female artists. Last year, the playlist set out to showcase multiple singers and songs that helped redefine what it means to be an Asian woman. Musicians like Yuna, Hayley Kiyoko, Thuy and Ruby Ibarra graced the playlist’s cover image while songs from Olivia Rodrigo, Raveena and Saweetie were some of the many tunes added to the collection.

Asian American Girl Club founder and actress Ally Maki gave an exclusive comment on continuing the collaboration with Amazon Music for a second year: “We are absolutely thrilled [with] working with Frankie Yaptinchay [of Amazon Music.] It is always such a wonderful experience, as he steadfastly believes in our mission at AAGC and advocates for greater opportunities for Asian and Asian American women and allies,” she said. “This collaboration is vastly important to Asian American Girl Club because it represents our unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusivity in the music industry. We hope that by seeing these trailblazing AAPI female artists, side by side on a billboard in the middle of Times Square, the next generation will see their potential as limitless.”

Listeners have a lot to look forward to, with AAGC consciously making an effort to represent the diversity within the AAPI community. “Our aim was to provide a platform for unique and talented artists that the community may not have heard of yet, alongside those who are making a difference through their art and activism,” Maki explained. “We had so much fun putting this playlist together. The team was diligent in the curation process and researched as many new and existing AAPI artists as possible. We included some of our team’s all-time favorites and some new fresh additions that will ensure a cohesive listening experience and positive vibes all around.”

See the full playlist here on Amazon Music and visit their APAHM page for featured videos like the documentary “Shapeshifter: Luna Li” and more this May!