Jay Park’s Official New Single: B.o.B. Collaboration On "Nothing On You"

After garnering more than 4 million views on his YouTube channel for his rendition of B.o.B.’s hit U.S. single, “Nothing On You,” Jay Park has just launched an official single of the song on Korean website Naver. “B.O.B (ft. JAY PARK) – Nothing on You, All for you guys,” he wrote on his Twitter today. “For all the Non Korean fans who don’t know where to get the song i will tell you as soon as i know aslo (sic) lol sorry.”

Park’s rendition of the video prompted the B.o.B. song to top the charts in South Korea just hours after it was released, beating out Girls’ Generation’s “Run Devil Run,” and also reaching #1 on other music sites such as MNET, Bugs, and Soribada.

And with over $300,000 made from the song, it is only considerate that B.o.B. return his thanks by officially featuring Jay Park on his Korean version of the song. Said to have been recorded in Taiwan while Park was there, the song is currently only available in Korea.

Not only was the song released for purchase, one of the first videos of Jay Park officially interviewed by the Korean media was shot. “Hello, this is Park Jay Bum. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you but I’ll see you guys really soon,” he said succinctly to the camera. Sporting a Dumbfoundead t-shirt –after collaborating with the L.A.-based rapper a few weeks ago–with a fitted cap, the 23-year-old looked ever-ready to make his big debut back to South Korea, but will the fans come to his support?

The K-Poppin’ Question: Will you download Jay Park’s latest single? And do you think he’ll succeed again in the Korean music industry? Comment below!