John Cho Terrorized By Artificial Intelligence in New ‘AFRAID’ Trailer 

john cho in afraid film
The trailer for the Blumhouse horror movie captures the evil consequences of artificial intelligence. (Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures.)

Is ChatGPT not scary enough for you? The new trailer for the Blumhouse horror film “AFRAID,” released today, July 3, might convince you otherwise. “AFRAID” follows the horrifying consequences of a family installing an artificial intelligence assistant named AIA into their home. The film is set to premiere in theaters Aug. 30. 

John Cho and Katherine Waterston play parents who install AIA to help with their household chores and take care of their children. Although the advanced technology initially seems like a welcome addition to their home, things quickly take a demented turn when the digital assistant takes control of their lives. The trailer gives a sneak peek of AIA meddling with the family’s social life and home security system with potentially murderous outcomes.  

“AFRAID” is written and directed by Chris Weitz and stars Havana Rose Liu, Lukita Maxwell, David Dastmalchian and Keith Carradine. Before the film hits theaters in a few weeks, check out the trailer to prepare yourself for the exciting new scares and thrills of AI gone wrong.