Johnny Cupcakes vs Benny FryingPan

Johnny Cupcakes, a Massachusetts-based t-shirt company with a huge cult following, is waging a war against South Korean t-shirt company Benny FryingPan for copying Johnny Cupcakes’ original designs. Ku Seung-Bum, the owner of Benny FryingPan, has also been unsuccessfully trying to register the Johnny Cupcakes name and logo in Korea for some time now.

In addition to working with the authorities, Johnny Cupcakes has uploaded screenshots of the Benny FryingPan website on his blog with captions in English and Korean, as well as a photo and contact information for Ku Seung-Bum.

We just had someone arrested and sent to jail in Thailand for doing the same thing. What makes you think we can’t get you in Korea? The police and detectives in Korea know who you are, and they’re watching you, Mr. Ku. We have plenty of information to get you in trouble with the law. You are not safe. You will be punished.

Knock-offs are far from uncommon, (anyone remember the epic Puma/Pama shirts?) but it is sad how blatant the copies are. And while Johnny Cupcakes is a popular company, it’s a far cry from the high fashion brands that are usually targeted.
What do you guys think?
Does Johnny Cupcake’s blog post go too far, or is he justified in his actions?