K-pop Playlist of the Week: Thanksgiving Edition

All this Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing is putting us in a grateful mood — here are 5 K-pop songs by artists wanting to express their gratitude to their fandoms:

“Tears” – Mamamoo

This emotive ballad by Mamamoo is about the group’s never-changing love for their fans. The girls express their hope for a shared happiness that lasts for years to come.


“Thank You” – Infinite

Infinite thanks their “Inspirits” with a song describing their fans’ unconditional love and their desire to continue singing for them as long as they can.


“One in a Million” – Twice

Twice’s fandom is known as “Once,” and the group saw no better way to express their gratitude for the love they’ve received than to dedicate a song to their fans, whose enthusiasm and devotion make them truly one in a million.


“White Love” – MONSTA X

The boys of Monsta X tell their fans that their pure-hearted love is what keeps them going when they feel sad, tired or hurt in “White Love.”


“Selene 6.23” – SHINee

SHINee wrote and performed “Selene 6.23” to thank international fans especially. The lyrics reflect on the difficulties of loving someone from afar, and the boys express their gratitude to international fans for surmounting those challenges in order to continue loving them and supporting their dreams.


What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?