Ken Jeong Talks Unforgettable Gala Actor Of The Year Award on ‘Hollywood Today Live’

Ken Jeong showed up on “Hollywood Today Live” this morning to talk “Dr. Ken” and what receiving this year’s Actor of the Year award at Kore’s 15th annual Unforgettable Gala means to him.

“To me, it’s a great way to finish the year with family and friends,” Jeong said. 

The actor has a long history with Kore, from gracing the cover of KoreAm Journal in 2004 during his days as a stand-up comic by night, physician by day in Los Angeles, to another cover, post-“The Hangover,” in 2011.

Jeong, who currently stars on ABC’s “Dr. Ken,” a family/workplace comedy now airing its second season, rose to stardom through projects like “The Hangover” franchise and the NBC cult hit “Community.”

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