“Kiss Me Please” Brightens the World One Smooch at a Time

“All the things are solvable by kissing,” reads each picture in Japanese photographer Nagano Toyokazu’s photo series, the Kiss Me Please Project, in which his four-year-old daughter, Kanna, showers her world with kisses.

Toyakazu shares, “Whether it is a fight between a couple, countries, and people, it is quite possible that everything can be solved with a single kiss. With this in mind, my second daughter is expressing this idea by kissing different people and things. This project is to show that love can be spread and shared among the people. We hope that it would bring peace to the world.”

Lofty ambitions for a photo series, but as you look through the sun-faded photos of Kanna smooching plastic swans, Ronald McDonald, and one of those stuffed animal-car hybrids unique to Asia, you find yourself believing that the world’s problems can indeed be solved with kisses.

Toyokazu has been documenting his two daughters’ adventures for years. You can see more of their adorable photos here. Whether making silly faces or blowing kisses, Kanna and Miu are sure to soften even the grumpiest scrooge’s heart.