Korean Tacos Go National

Photo from Channel APA

The Korean taco craze began with Kogi BBQ in Southern California, which made taco lovers drool over Kogi’s ingenious fusion product–a simple corn tortilla loaded with marinated short rib barbecue, lettuce, onions, cilantro and a soy-based sauce that goes hand-in-hand with kalbi.

Since the Kogi truck, new kalbi taco businesses have sprouted up all over the nation with their own twists, sharing the goodness and Korean taste of these “fusion tacos” to America, according to the New York Times.

“You get the feeling that this is our chance to mainstream Korean food,” said Jae Kim, a Seoul native, selling Korean tacos since February at his Chi’Lantro truck in Austin, Tex. “And it’s happening so quickly. It’s like everybody is realizing that it’s now or never.”

The tacos have spread to Brooklyn, Austin, San Francisco, Chicago and Atlanta, to name a few places. Have the kalbi tacos reached your town?