Margaret Cho’s The Artist’s Muse

My Illustration was inspired by an old cover of the LA Weekly on which Margaret Cho totters like a sleepwalking Godzilla, devastating the unsuspecting city with her fabulous manicure. Even the goliath of Korean Shame is no match for her shameless, painful wit.

– Su Moon

If I could have anything for Christmas, I’d love the ability to work a crowd like Margaret Cho. Or, have her as a neighbor. She should be given a crown for her subject choices and for becoming a role model by speaking the truth. Anytime I need a touch of confidence, or to laugh, kick air, and clap uncontrollably all at the same time, I search Youtube for Margaret Cho.

– Eunice Choi


Margaret Cho has had the odds stacked against her throughout her entire life, yet she ha punched through all obstacles with audacious humor and an unyielding attitude to become one of Asian America’s most recognized celebrities. I chose to convey her fighting spirit in the form of a boxer who has fought for every inch of recognition that she receives- a genuine American champ.

-Ian Kim


If one runs an image search for Margaret Cho on the Internet, the query returns photos chock full of exaggerated facial expressions and clothing that any self-respecting Queen would die for. I wanted to render her with a more natural expression because in the end it is her words that are brutally honest, painfully funny and instantly inflammatory.

-Noah Dempewolf