Mathletes and Rappers Unite in Disney+’s Trailer for ‘World’s Best’

High school is hard enough as it is; throw a 12-year-old mathlete-turned-rapper into the mix, and things are bound to get interesting. 

Disney+’s “World’s Best” trailer dropped this morning, introducing audiences to Prem Patel. A sweet, nerdy pre-teen navigating the perils of high school, Patel is just starting to get used to his life of adolescent awkwardness and advanced algebra, that is until he discovers his late father’s double life as a famous rapper. Embracing music to try and connect with his dad, the film follows Patel’s journey as he juggles academics and hip-hop to see if rap is truly in his blood.

“World’s Best” was co-written and co-executive produced by Utkarsh Ambudkar (“Never Have I Ever,” “Free Guy”), who also plays Patel’s father in the film. He is joined on screen by Manny Magnus, Punam Patel and Jake Choi. “Hamilton” director Thomas Kail produced the project, with oncologist-turned-filmmaker Roshan Sethi (“7 Days”) directing. 

“We are all really excited to be bringing this film to Disney+. It’s got dope music and great comedy, and it brings up some important themes in a really accessible way,” Ambudkhar said. “Plus, it presents for the first time a South Asian family at the core of a Disney movie – something I never had growing up – and was something I really wanted to give young people today.” 

“World’s Best” will be available on Disney+ starting June 23.