Netflix’s ‘Aggretsuko’ Rages On For Second Season

Netflix’s raging red panda “Aggretsuko” will have plenty more to be angry about, as the Sanrio animated series has been renewed for a second season. The renewal was announced alongside a teaser:

The show centers on the titular Retsuko, who is an office employee with a long way to climb on the corporate ladder. She spends her days doing paperwork and meekly acquiescing to other coworkers’ demands while building anger inside herself. After work, Retsuko heads to a karaoke lounge to scream her rage into a microphone.

Aggretsuko upsets people’s expectations of Sanrio’s characters, who are often soft and quiet, and Retsuko’s daily office frustrations resonate with audiences stuck in similar situations.

New episodes of “Aggretsuko” are set to hit Netflix in 2019.