New 2NE1 Video 'Try To Follow Me': A Circus of Clothes!

For the 2NE1 fans who have been waiting countless months for the group’s next video to debut, here it finally is! Having debuted the song about a month ago in a Samsung Corby commercial, the new song is saturated with auto-tune infused voices stuffed with synthesizers and electronic beats in the background. Call it a ‘Fire’ pt II if you will, the new joint is indeed catchy, but is nothing new or trendsetting–I’ll even dare to say the song and video is too ‘safe.’ But in true 2NE1 style, it’s cutesy without being too nauseous, and fierce without being too affected. And let’s not forget the ridiculous amount of outfits! From Minzy’s signature bold razor-sharp peaked shouldered jackets, to Dara in Darth Vader-inspired hip hop gear, to CL suspiciously sporting Lady Gaga-like wear not only once or twice–thrice!–to splashes of blaxploitation notes in-between this is definitely an epically sartorial video indeed!

Click to see the crazy clothes!

Like a ringleader–she calls the shots!

The video begins with CL in an Arab printed jacket, a large black velvet/fur hat and a spiky metallic mic. Too scared that she may clunk you on your dome piece if you don’t try to follow her lead? Us too!

Just Like A Circus:

Have you seen the latest Gaga video, Telephone? Who hasn’t! Looks like CL got just a little bit of help from that campy video, with her colorful vest and matching telephone cord with matching doll heads. Circus freak show indeed!

Poke her face:

Gaga look parte dos? With sparkling jewels attached to CL’s face we aren’t mad at her for donning a Gaga-esque look. Because frankly, Gaga just looked like a hot pimply mess–and who knew her teeth were so buttery yellow?

Fly like an eagle, er, zebra:

We know for a fact that Minzy’s stylist hates her. Time and time again the girl just never seems to get any of her outfits right. Point in case: in the video she sports a black cross shirt with a zebra printed bold shouldered jacket with neon green seems. Just, no! Please help the girl out, YG, we do not condone such Courtney Love-like behavior!

Cat out of the bag:

Loving how seamless both Dara and CL look in this feline-inspired shot. With CL in a leopard track suit and Dara sporting some real catty hair (and even possibly a little Alexander McQueen-inspired!) the two are looking pawfect!

Bang-bang bangs!

Only a hot curler could get that major of bangs. Along with two pistols, Dara is giving some serious homage to blaxploitation. BAADASSSSS indeed!

Star war:

Dara may be the cutest in the group, but egregiously the most out of place and YG knows this, dressing her up head-to-toe in hip hop getups from videos to stages. ‘Try To Follow Me’ is no exception. Mixing a fitted Darth Vader cap with a large intergalactic gun, Dara is sure having her own star war with fellow members, CL and Minzy. Girl sho’ is spaceship-gangsta!

Seeing double:

If you don’t have your own style, why not cop another’s? With this military/Michael Jackson-inspired look, the Minzy is taking some serious cues from the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna with their own Balmain military coats. Bravo!

A deathstrike:

Our girl CL is looking so mutant-like in this Japanese samurai-inspired look that she looks as if she copped it right out of the pages of X-Men. What, she did? Lady Deathstrike is that you??


With their shimmying and sashaying the girls don floral-printed outfits for their tribal dance toward the end of the video. The girls look absolutely primal and beautiful. Too bad that girl Bom still can’t dance to save her life!

Let’s Go Party (in the church!):

Okay, we knew that the girls took some cues from black America (see above), but these Easter church going get-ups are only cute if you’re joining the other ajummas for a Sunday service!

The Right Stuff:

Finally, the video concludes with the girls in their signature 90s-inspired outfits. Harem pants? Check! Polka dot leggings? Double-check! Neon colors? You get the drift.

What do you think of the video, fellow K-pop lovers? Hot video/clothes or not?