Plug In With New Online Art Exhibit, ‘SLAYSIAN’

In these times of stress and social distancing, it can be easy to feel isolated from the rest of our community. Thankfully, the digital world hasn’t paused just because of the pandemic.

SLAYSIAN,” a digital installation of work from Midwest-based AAPI artists, has now debuted online. Originally slated to premiere in Chicago on March 20, the exhibit is now available across the world at Artists on the Lam. The physical premiere has been postponed indefinitely, but you can catch a sneak peek from the comfort of your house.

“Because the participating artists’ work deserves to be seen, and we all have our own stories to tell—and because solidarity is needed now more than ever—I’ve moved everything online and created a digital version of the exhibition,” says curator Jenny Lam. “For some of the artists, this is their first show ever.”

Participating creators include Caroline Liu, Vivian Le, Nayeon Yang and many, many more. Be sure to check out each artist’s story behind their work, also available on the site.