Pop Quiz: This Year in KoreAm

UPDATE: Scroll to the end for the answers.


Do you remember the movers, shakers and events of 2009? We’ll see about that. Give us your answers in the comments and check back tomorrow to see how many you got correct!

1. According to Korean pop star BoA, her moniker stands for:
a. Beat of Angel, her stage name
b. Bo Ahn, her legal name
c. boa constrictor, her favorite reptile
d. Bank of America, her corporate sponsor

2. Yang Y.E. is:
a. the right-hander who pitched in the World Series
b. a Professional Golfers Association champion
c. the U.S. Women’s Open champion
d. the president of Dartmouth College

3. The majority of Los Angeles Koreatown residents are:
a. Korean
b. Latino
c. Chinese
d. equally multi-ethnic

4. Who is Kim Jong-il’s apparent successor?
a. Sarah Palin
b. Kim Sul-song
c. Kim Jong-cheol
d. Kim Jong-un

5. In The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Justin Chon plays:
a. a vampire with a conscience
b. a werewolf with an appetite
c. a high school student
d. Hikaru Sulu

6. What motto did Lt. Dan Choi adopt to speak out against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?”
a. All you need is love.
b. Yes we can.
c. Love is worth it.
d. I gotta feeling.

7. Which one of these statements is NOT true?
a. More than 30 percent of Koreans lack health insurance in America.
b. Obama appointed a record three Asian American cabinet members.
c. North Korea launched a long-range missile over Japan.
d. Former South Korean president Kim Dae-jung committed suicide.

Answers: 1) a 2) b 3) b 4) d 5) c 6) c 7) d