(Safe) Big Circle Lenses Are Finally Available in the U.S.

An Asian model with 1-Day Acuvue Define in Natural Shine, top, and without, bottom.


When circle lenses took off in Asia in the early aughts, everyone walked around with big, black, monochromatic, alien-like eyes. Sure, they made your eyes look bigger, especially for those with smaller irises, but everyone knew you were wearing circle lenses. Back then, they looked pretty fake, and who knows what the manufacturer was putting in those lenses. I, for one, was relieved when longtime eye care expert Acuvue finally had the genius to come out with their version of the circle lens, 1-Day Acuvue Define (a disposable circle lens, no less). The problem? It was only available in Asia.

But we in the Western Hemisphere no longer have to wait- Acuvue Define is now finally available in the U.S., and with a few upgrades. The U.S. version is based on a recent study that showed that those with darker limbal rings – the dark outline around the perimeter of the iris – are seen as more attractive, healthy and youthful than those without. In fact, the limbal ring is most prominent in infancy and gets thinner and lighter as we age. This next generation of Define adds a realistic limbal ring without changing eye color. And for those with darker eyes, Acuvue Define in Natural Shine gives just the perfect amount of pop – a defined yet natural-looking limbal ring with fine veins of bronze in the iris to enhance the texture of dark eyes. (I like to think of them as gloss for the eyes – they even come in plano for those with 20/20 vision.) Add in UV protection, Lacreon technology, which keeps lenses moist and comfortable, and the fact that they’re disposable, and you’ve got no reason not to try them. Details Acuvue.com.


This story was originally published in our Summer 2015 issue. Get your copy here.