Seoul Fashion Week Interview: Tae-yong Ko


Korea Herald hails Tae-yong Ko as one of South Korea’s most popular and sought after designers.  In the midst of working on his upcoming international collections, and appearing alongside celebrities Zico from Block B and P.O for the television show Fashion King Korea’s second season, we were able to catch up with the busy designer after two very successful and critiqued showings during New York and Seoul’s Fashion Weeks.  Ko shares with us his aspirations for his brand Beyond Closet, some favorite moments from both the spring 2015 shows and an in-depth look into the most recent collection.



Audrey Magazine: When did you first discover fashion design was your passion?
Tae-yong Ko: In my college years, I was majoring in fashion design and the class attended a fashion show all together for the class credit. The thrill I felt at that time made me chase the dream of becoming a fashion designer.


AM: Was re-inventing the classics always your main aspiration for Beyond Closet?
Beyond Closet’s identity always has been a re-interpretation of classics through experimentation of contemporary additions with young designers’ witty spirit, while maintaining the original idea of the classical piece.


AM: What kind of emotions do you hope to convey to others with your most recent SS 2015 collection?
TK: The title of SS15 Beyond Closet Collection is “B.C.S.G.” (Beyond Closet School Gang). It’s about teenagers who stands for freedom. Inspired by the memories of my school days, street and manlike styles were added to Beyond Closet’s basic theme: preppy and classic. Through collaboration with a tattooist, the elements from tattoo were used to give the collection such a lighthearted sense of humor and fun.


AM: Out of your SS 2015 collection, is there any one outfit you favor the most? If so, why?
TK: The graphics on this red jacket are the result of the collaboration with a tattooist and we call them “Old School Tattoo.” The graphics were laid on a sleeve as if real tattoo images were being tattooed on one’s arm. This red jacket is my favorite piece this season.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 9.10.53 AM
Image Courtesy Of Tae-yong Ko


AM: How did it feel to bring a K-pop collaboration with Zico to the stages of New York Fashion Week?
TK: Zico’s music fit the concept of this season so well. The fact that we presented the collaboration between K-Pop and K-Fashion in a fashionable city, New York, was meaningful enough.


AM: Do you feel the reception between New York Fashion Week and Seoul Fashion Week SS 2015 is similar?
TK: The show in New York is more focused for the buyers and press.  The show in Seoul is more like a cultural event than the one in NYC.




Below are some behind-the-scenes photography of Tae-yong Ko’s SFW show.  To see more of the collection and read the New York Fashion Week recap for Beyond Closet,c click here.


Tae-yong Ko With His SFW 2015 Models






Designer Tae-yong Ko, Image Courtesy Of Korea Herald



Feature Image Courtesy Of Beyond Closet’s Facebook Fanpage.
Behind-The-Scenes Images Courtesy Of (Tae-yong Ko)