Soju wanna cocktail?

This Halloween, mix up some Korean culture at your costume party. Try this yummy-sounding apple soju cocktail.

The recipe comes from David Chang of Momofuku fame. All it takes is some Granny Smith or Pink Lady apples, soju, tonic water and some limes. However, I don’t recommend making a tub of it for a frisky game of apple bobbing.

Need something that pairs well with a haunted house? Try a Bloody Mary with soju.

Beyond Halloween, you might enjoy a mixed drink – and mixed cultures – with a ginger soju cocktail that combines soju and sake for a one-two punch.

The popular Korean yogurt drinks in the teeny-tiny bottles also reportedly mix well with soju – and go well with kimchi.

Got any soju cocktail recipes of your own?

Photo by  Justin Hall via the Flickr Creative Commons License