Sony is Developing a ‘Silk’ Film About a Korean American Superheroine

With any luck, Cindy Moon is about to become a household name.

Marvel’s Korean American superheroine, who is the protagonist of the comic book series “Silk,” is due for a film adaptation via Sony and Amy Pascal, the producer behind “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” according to Deadline.

The studio is reportedly in early development for a tale about Cindy, a classmate of Peter Parker’s who is bitten by the same radioactive spider that births his Spider-Man persona. She finds she’s gained superpowers, from shooting webs out of her fingertips and superhuman speed to advanced Spider-Sense.

Cindy was briefly spotted on-screen, played by Chinese American actress Tiffany Espensen, in “Homecoming” as one of Peter’s decathlon teammates.

The character made her first appearance in a 2014 issue of “The Amazing Spider-Man.” “Silk,” created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos, debuted in 2015.