Steven Lim Asks All the Burning Questions at the 20th Unforgettable Gala

During the glitzy night of the 20th Unforgettable Gala, before dinner was served and awards passed out, Youtuber and red carpet host Steven Lim braved the shining lights and flashes of press cameras to interview your favorite Asian celebrities. 

Throughout the evening, Lim met with award winners like Ke Huy Quan and Bretman Rock, and asked them what they loved most about being Asian, and to find out what they were most excited about for the upcoming night, well, besides getting their trophies of course! 

Lim even caught some of the performers of the night like 4*TOWN, Angelina Jordan and even host, Eugene Cordero, and in between asking about their dazzling outfits, questioned them on exactly how they felt before they hit the UNFO stage. 

Our red carpet host was quite popular, as a ton of other celebrities stopped by to chat, like the cast of the CW’s Kung Fu and OG Youtubers like Michelle Phan and Timothy Chantarangsu.

To find out what everyone said, and who dropped by, watch the rest on our YouTube channel linked down below.