Studio Ghibli Releases ‘When Marnie Was There’ U.S. Trailer


Late last year, Studio Ghibli released the long-awaited animated film, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya. And if you thought you had to wait long before the next Studio Ghibli film, we have some exciting news. It’s just a little over a month before the release of Studio Ghibli’s latest feature animation, When Marnie Was There. Best part of all? You can now watch the official US trailer.

Based on the novel When Marnie Was There by Joan G. Robinson, the story of twelve-year-old Anna comes to life in this animated feature. The protagonist, Anna, believes she’s an outcast from the “invisible magic circle” where most people belong, and shuts herself from those around her. During one summer Anna is sent away from her foster home to a town by the sea in Hokkaido.

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Whilst playing among the marshes by the town, Anna finds herself strangely drawn to an enigmatic house along the edge. Inside the house, Anna finds Marnie, an energetic young girl who seems to appear from nowhere, and the two become inseparable. Anna quickly discovers there’s more to Marnie than what meets the eye.

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Many are anticipating Studio Ghibli’s plans following the release of When Marnie Was There. On top of Hayao Miyazaki’s recent retirement after releasing The Wind Rises, there’s speculation that this may be Studio Ghibli’s last film considering there are no other films in production. Say it isn’t so, Ghibli! We hope to see only more imaginative animation from the powerhouse studios.


When Marnie Was There hits U.S. theaters on May 22nd.