Exploring the Shame

By Michelle Woo Photos courtesy of The Korea Times In the days following the Virginia Tech massacre, Korean community members across the nation gathered at prayer services and vigils […]

April 16, 2007

By Corina Knoll Photos courtesy of the Korea Times When reports of gunshots heard on the Virginia Tech campus made their way to news desks, it felt as if […]

Breaking The Silence

By Jason Jaewan Lee CNN reported that Cho was committed to a mental health facility where he was declared an imminent danger to himself. At the time, however, Cho […]


APRIL 16 — Many of my classmates died on campus this morning. They were gunned down in classrooms and dorms by a killer wielding two semi-automatic firearms and meticulous […]

“We Are Hokies”

By Corina Knoll In the days following the Virginia Tech tragedy, Korean and Korean American communities across the nation united for a time of mourning and reflection, struggling to […]

A Life Cut Short

By  Michelle Woo On the day of her burial service, members of the Annandale High School band, the Marching Atoms, played a farewell song for their friend Mary Read. She would […]