The Benefits of Daily Facial Massages


A bad case of chubby hamster cheeks on top of acne-prone skin was double trouble during my adolescent life and it continued into my 20’s. My family even tried some home remedies, and one included guava leaves, a special clarifying soap from the Philippines and lots of steam. It left my skin irritated, cracked and none of my troubles were alleviated.

It wasn’t until I had a drastic change in my skin care routine that I finally saw my blemishes diminishing and my bloated face decreasing. The first step to my skin’s improvement was investing in hydrating instead of drying face products. Next was tackling the issue internally, which meant getting rid of built up toxins through daily facial massages. These massages got my blood circulating, drained my lymphatic fluid and improved the elasticity in my skin. Best of all, it’s simple and only takes a few minutes a day to make a long term difference.

To start incorporating facial massages into your daily routine, you’ll need to pick out a lubricant to minimize the friction of the massage. Also, the type of oil/cream will depend on your skin type.



For dry skin: Try opting for denser, thicker oils




For normal to combination skin: Stick to lightweight oils/creams




For oily skin: Stick to facial creams or your favorite moisturizer; however, you may need to reapply




Here are different techniques that you can use– most interesting of all, one of them involves soup spoons. Not only are they handy when it comes to eating soup dumpling, but they can help reduce dumpling cheeks. Apparently, the spoon’s curvature is perfect for your face’s structure and doubles as a massage tool.



If you’re prefer not to use your utensils, then here’s a breakdown of how to use a proper massage tool.



You can vamp up your massage by easily adding some acupuncture points into the routine. Here are three pressure points that will not only help with lymphatic drainage, but also improve the skin’s clarity.