The Cast of ‘Kung Fu’ Test Their Need for Speed in Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Suit up, martial arts experts! 

Not for the second season of “Kung Fu,” which is already streaming on Hulu and premiering Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on The CW, but for a test of brains and brawn (mostly brawn) with the show’s cast as they search for sunglasses, texts from their co-star Kheng Hua Tan and the largest bottle of alcohol they can find. 

The 2021 reboot of “Kung Fu, ” based on the white-washed 1972 series of the same name, follows Nicky Shen (Olivia Liang) and her family, Mei-Li (Tan), Jin (Tzi Ma), Althea (Shannon Dang) and Ryan (Jon Prasida), as they band together to protect their hometown from crime and corruption. Eddie Liu, Yvonne Chapman and Ludi Lin round out the cast. 

Although some of the items the cast were asked to find had little to do with the actual show—sunglasses (in which Lin produces some adorable Hello Kitty frames), souvenirs from Vancouver Chinatown and objects that start with the first letter of their names—others revealed endearing moments between the cast.

“Mine just says ‘Love you,’” Chapman said, when asked to find the last text from “Mama” Tan, “Kung Fu’s” on- and off-screen maternal figure. Others in the cast chimed in with their texts from Tan, with anecdotes ranging from microwaving cake to easygoing weekend plans of dinner and a movie.

Cast members were also asked to find an item that best represents the second season. Liang and Chapman both very quickly offered up lighters, while Liu presented a disposal Kodak. “A lot more great memories, and more of us brought these disposable and Polaroids to set,” he said. 

To witness what came out of these great memories and more, watch our full video above, then check out “Kung Fu”’s second season on The CW and Hulu!