The Short ‘Do: Do or Don’t?

Fei Wong in Chungking Express
Ever since I first laid eyes on Fei Wong and her delightful pixie cut in the magical Hong Kong film Chungking Express by Wong Kar-Wai, I wanted to chop all my hair off.

Wanted to is one thing. Getting the courage to take action is another.

As lovely as I think girls with short hair are, I haven’t really found it appealing for my moon-shaped face.

Dia Frampton (left) and Rinko Kikuchi (right) style their short locks in very different ways
And though one may think shorter hair = less hair = easier to manage, think again.

At least with long hair, you’re able to tie it up in a ponytail or brush it down and go. With short hair, you have to do this styling thing which just confuses and scares the heck out of me.

If you’re braver than me and have been thinking about sporting a short do, Teen Vogue got the scoop from Jamal Hammadi, the man responsible for styling Vanessa Hudgens‘ newly-shorn locks to share a few tips on how to do the short do.

Jamal: “I first transformed her haircut by removing the weight from the sides, creating more texture and movement and opening up her face. I used a large wooden round brush to straighten out Vanessa’s wave, and used a FHI 1″ ionic hair iron to create random curls that I pulled apart with the hands, giving it height and separation to make the texture look natural, chic and effortless with texture. Then, I teased her hair. Starting from the roots, I brushed my fingers through her hair once more before she walked out the door.”

What’s your take on short hair?