Three questions

By Kathy Yum & Julie Ha

What’s your favorite holiday dish?

“Turkey with kimchi.”
—Phillip Rhee

“My mom’s stuffed oysters. We’d be licking the shells.”
—Lee Ann Kim

—Justin Chon

“My gomo’s sweet potatoes and marshmallows.”
—Daniel Dae Kim

If I still believed in Santa, I would ask for _________.

“Continued health and prosperity for my family and friends. I have the best wife, the best parents, and the best kids. I’ve already received my gift. And I want 3 million dollars.”
—Ken Jeong

“For my mom to be able to see her brother again. They were separated during the Korean War. I really wish that whole North Korean situation would simmer down, and that the two countries could once again be one. Gosh, that was deep.”
—Lee Ann Kim

“Onesie pajamas. I just saw one yesterday.”
—Priscilla Ahn

“World peace. The beauty pageant answer.”
—Janice Min

“Sarah Palin to become a myth. I don’t want her to be real anymore.”
—Joy Osmanski

“Greater consciousness for the human race.”
—Sandra Oh

“There’s no Santa Claus?!”
—Albert Kim

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

“Get more sleep.”
—Daniel Henney

“To meditate every day.”
—Sandra Oh

“To go back to being a student. Spend time being an artist. Drawing, spoken word. Try a different extreme sport—maybe parasailing.”
—James Kyson Lee

“To lose 10-15 pounds around my mid-section.”
—C.S. Lee

“To make other people happy.”
—Sung Kang