Thursday's Link Attack: Y.E. Yang, Kelly Choi, K-Pop, David Choi

Yang Tough

Golfer Y.E. Yang shot a 68 in the opening round to take an early lead at the U.S. Open golf championship


Rory McIlroy posted a 65 to take a three-stroke lead over second-place Yang.

Korean pop’s “Super Junior” takes on the world

Choi Si-won recalls that even on a rainy day, the Paris venue was bedlam, with thousands of screaming fans packing the street outside a concert hall.

N.K. demands Seoul repatriate defectors
The Korea Herald

North Korea delivered a message on Thursday demanding that South Korea repatriate nine North Koreans who defected by sea over the weekend, warning that the South’s failing to do so would worsen inter-Korean relations, Seoul officials said.

Hines Ward to Be Named Honorary Ambassador

Korean-born American football player Hines Ward will be made an honorary ambassador for South Korea to promote relations between the two countries, sources said Thursday.

Kelly Choi To Host Kung Fu Film Showcase
World Screen

Fuel TV is launching a weekly showcase of iconic, English-dubbed kung fu films.

Hosted by TV personality Kelly Choi, Late Night Kung Fu will air Saturdays at 11 p.m. beginning June 18. The Fox Sports Media Group-owned network has picked up ten classics from the renowned Shaw Brothers catalogue, including Ten Tigers of Kwangtung, The Magic Blade, Legendary Weapons of China and Shaolin Prince.

San Francisco Native Margaret Cho Reveals Her Favorite Local Restaurants
The Feast

Swan Oyster Depot was next to my father’s bookstore. That is a really great place. It has like five seats; it’s really annoyingly small. The food is so good, it’s like, ‘Why are you so f*cking small?’

David Choi Covers Coldplay’s ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’

China arrests 14 North Koreans in northeast border area
Yonhap News

China arrested 14 North Koreans in one of its northeastern border areas last month, sources said Thursday, as Beijing and Pyongyang intensified their crackdown on North Korean defectors.

Traces of Dioxin Found Near U.S. Base in South Korea
New York Times

Trace amounts of dioxin have been found in water samples taken near an American Army base in South Korea, according to a joint investigation into alleged chemical dumping that analysts said could have repercussions for the alliance between South Korea and the United States.